Shakespeare's audience

  1. Shakespeare didn't write his plays for university students but for the stage. As actor, playwright and theatre-owner he wanted to "sell" his plays to as many people as possible . In order to understand why Shakespeare wrote his plays the way he did, we have to know something about his audience, i.e. the people who paid to see his plays.

Who went to see William Shakespeare's plays? What social class did these people belong to? What jobs did they have? How much did they pay? What did they expect to see? Are there any important differences between their way of thinking and seeing the world and ours?

  1. When you have read the information on Shakespeare's audience, inform your group about the most important facts. Together you should discuss the following aspects with regard to Romeo and Juliet:

Your introduction on Shakespeare's audience should include the most important results of your discussion of the problems of modern readers / viewers.

You can include pictures in your introduction but you shouldn't use too many. Pictures should only be used if they really help to illustrate the point you are making. Your complete leaflet / homepage should fit onto one disk! You don't know how to save pictures on a disk?

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