The mark you will get for your introduction to Shakepeare and his world will consist of three parts:

a) Individual mark based on product

Each of you will be responsible of one part of the introduction. I will correct your part and mark it according to the following criteria:


b) Group mark based on product

Since you do not work on your own but in a group, you will also get a mark for the complete introduction. This mark will be given by your classmates who will read and evaluate your introduction. As you will also evaluate your classmates' work, you should already think about your criteria for a good introduction. We will discuss these criteria in class. 



c) Group mark and individual mark based on work process

During the WebQuest you will work largely on your own and in groups. I will have a lot of time to observe how you organize both your individual work process and the work process of your group. This means that I will base my final mark not only on the results you present at the end of the process but also on the way you work (together) in class. I will pay special attention to the following aspects: