Romeo and Juliet

  1. Summarize the story of Romeo and Juliet in your own words.

  2. Shakespeare didn't invent the story of Romeo and Juliet himself, he "stole" it from somebody else. Read the information on the homepages below and write an article in which you provide the reader with some extra information on the history of the story of Romeo and Juliet.

  3. Create a leaflet (a homepage) to advertise the drama group's production. How would you advertise a 400-year old play to students of your age?

You can include pictures in your introduction but you shouldn't use too many. Pictures should only be used if they really help to illustrate the point you are making. Your complete leaflet / homepage should fit onto one disk! You don't know how to save pictures on a disk?


Romeo and Juliet: Analysis and background information

The Age of Romeo and Juliet

The Age of Marriage