The Elizabethan stage

Elizabethan theatres didn't look and function like our modern theatres. Read the information on the homepages below and decide what your modern audience should know about Elizabethan theatre and especially about the Globe, Shakespeare's own theatre. The following aspects might be interesting:

You can include pictures in your introduction but you shouldn't use too many. Pictures should only be used if they really help to illustrate the point you are making. Your complete leaflet / homepage should fit onto one disk! You don't know how to save pictures on a disk?


Basics on the Shakespearian stage NEW!!!

The Reconstructed Globe Stage

A guided tour of the new Globe. When you roll the mouse over the picture, the names of the different parts of the stage will appear. When you click on the different parts, a new window will open in which you are explained the details follow links to balcony, Gentlemen's Rooms (only first paragraph), Heavens, Galleries (only first two paragraphs), yard. Stick to the bits about the old Globe

Frequently Asked Questions on the Globe and Shakespeare (==> Scroll down to "General Questions")

Timeline of the old and new Globe (==> only old Globe is relevant)

The Globe Theatre

Good pictures of the reconstructed Globe

The Plague


Acting companies

Child Actors

Acting and performing

FAQs on Performance

Stage costumes

Elizabethan fashion