Work process and material

You will work in groups of four. Together you will produce a programme that covers all of the four topics but each member of your group is responsible for only one topic (sign your article!). Near the end of the project you should put your individual results together in the form of a real theatre programme. I will give you a disk to save your results on.

I am slightly paranoid of viruses and other nasty bugs which might infect our computer labs. If you want to take your disk home, give it to me before each lesson and before you use it in the computer lab so that I can scan it for viruses before the lesson.

Topics 2 and 3 are more difficult than topics 1 and 4, you should take this into account when you distribute the topics in your group.

Before you start to work on your topic, read the complete WebQuest, especially the evaluation page. Have a look at some of the links and try to guess how much time you will need to complete your task. In the next lesson you should get together in your group and plan your work process.

You can use the following online dictionary: